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No matter what your budget is, you deserve the best of the best. So I have put together a list of toys that I personally have that are body safe, affordable and out of this world. 

Pop it Fidget Toys

body safe, long lasting, extreme pleasure

Screen Shot 2023-10-31 at 12.33.21 PM.png

OSUGA has done it again and created a toy that is not only super cute but also ergonomic. The music note is a surprisingly perfect shape to use for self pleasure. The note tail is a PERFECT handle, while the note head curves to hit the G spot/stimualte the clitoris from the vaginal canal. Trust me, this is a toy you will reach for OFTEN.


Feast only offers one sex toy but let me tell you something, they did it right. Vibrators with changing heads is the way to go. I personally have this toy and have tried every single head. For something so small the price might seem on the higher end but its like having 6 different toys all in one!


I LOVE all of Emojibators products. They are medical grade silicone, water safe and fun. All of their toys are so much fun to use and just have in general. I truly wish I had these when I was just getting into toys. My top favorite are the magic wand and the chickie.


This toy is powerfulllll. It's quite compact but it charges quickly and lasts long. It also has two different head options, making it another one of my favorites. The company Queen V was designed out of the need for vulva and vagina safe products. So when it comes to toys I trust them to do it right.


The first time I used this toy I was left speechless. Seriously. This toy is designed to create a sucking sensation for your clitoris. I was saving up some money to buy an expensive verison of this by some other brand but I thought I'd give this one a try and my god am I happy I did.


There is a reason that this toy is a top seller on Amazon. It is powerful and gets the job done right. I thought this toy was going to be on the smaller size, but I was wrong. It's over 7 inches long, and it uses all that length to vibrate your body into the next dimention. I also love using it on my shoulders lol.


This toy gets a 10/10 from me. The bend and angle is perfect in order to stimualte the clitoris from inside the vaginal canal. What I also like is that the vibrations go from weak to strong, so you do not have to start out on full blast.

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