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Sex Ed By Em helps adults reconnect with their sex drives, fall in love with their bodies and experience euphoria through one-on-on sexuality education and coaching sessions. Start with a free call to get started. 

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"I worked with Emily because my husband and I had not had sex in over a year. We felt estranged and when we would try to get intimate I would get anxiety. After working with Emily for only two months we got our sex life back AND I found a new love for my own body and sexuality."

- client

Education & Coaching session outline

Step 1: Schedule a complimentary session to determine if working with Em is the right fit for you

Step 2: Choose from booking either 1, 4, or 12 sessions, depending on your needs and goals 

Step 3: Meet with Em on a weekly basis for 75 minutes to receive personalized education and support on the specific topics you need support in


Step 4: Experience the benefits of sessions that are uniquely tailored to address your individual needs, and witness your personal growth unfold as a result

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