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Vaginal health

For most, the vagina and vulva are sufficient devices that naturally self clean BUT that does not mean that they never are in need of a little support. Use the products below as a means to sustain your natural health.

**Please note that the vaginal canal NEVER should be cleaned with soaps. If you are finding that there is a smell coming from the vaginal canal (the inside) please see your doctor. 

Purple Podiums

products that actually support you


Reusable period products are in, and some are truly better than others. Lena's menstrual cup is free of all of the bad stuff AND it's a woman owned company!


I have very sensitive skin, so when it comes to my vulva I usually only use warm water and Dove. It has to be the sensitive skin bar because it is fragrence free and free of all the bad shit most soaps contain. Remember, your vagina does not need cleaning, only the folds of your vulva.


You might be surprised to learn that some tampons has TOXINS in them. That is why it is important to know that you are buying good products. Cora is one of those brands that I trust for all of my period products. I don't wear tampons or pads often but when I do it is probably from Cora.


If you have a gut and a vagina I suggest you take a probiotic! Just like your gut, your vagina is filled with a balance of good and bad baterica. That balance is everything and probiotcs can help it. I personally take Seed at the moment because I have some intense gut problems that take priority, but before that I took Physician's choice and was a big fan. It also has cranberry extract in it which is great for urinary health!


Boric acid vaginal suppositories are designed to be inserted into the vaginal canal in order to treat certain vaginal infections like BV and Yeast infections. BUT IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: there is limited research on whether boric acid truly is a treatment for BV and yeast infections. I personally find it to be helpful when I am experiencing low levels of BV but every body is different!


Cranberries are filled with beneficial substances that can help prevent a UTI. Keyword: prevent. I take cranberry pills during circumstances that usually end in my getting a UTI. Like a long flight or one night stands.

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