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Sexuality Education & Coaching


Each 1-on-1 session with Em is 75 minutes long via Zoom. Tailored to your unique situation, with a mixture of education and support.


Let's talk about it.

- low libido 

- performance anxiety 

- sex & reproductive anatomy 

- autism and sex 

- sexual spectrum/gender & identity 

- sexual myth busting 

- sex toys, lubes, products 

- kinks & fetishes 

- differing sexual desires 

- building intimate connections 

- sexual shame 

- making the most of your sexual function 

- pornography: the good and the bad 

- reproductive choices 

- periods and hormones 

- sex and aging 



Sign up for a free 15 minute call with Em to talk about sexuality, sex and/or relationships.   



Decide how long you want to work together: 

1 single session 

1 month 

3 months +



Commit to sessions, starting with once per week. 

Arrive to the sessions ready to jump into a mix of education and support. 



Complete your sessions & assignments and enjoy your new sex life. 

Free Call

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

1 free consultation 

4 sessions 

1 session per week for 1 month 

1 free consultation 

12 sessions 

1 session per week for 3 month 

Option to Zoom, Zoom Call or Google Meet.

3 Month Program

1 Month Program

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