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Masturbation and Mental Wellness: The best ways to celebrate this May

Masturbation isn’t called "self love" for no reason. 

When most people think of masturbation, they imagine watching porn and engaging in a somewhat "mindless" act of touching themselves to "get the job done". However, this portrayal only just scratches the surface of what is possible with masturbation. There is an entire world to explore and this article will do its best to walk you through it. Because, masturbation can be a profoundly enjoyable way to connect with oneself, offering benefits for both body and mind. 

Touching yourself

Mindful Masturbation

Imagine if your masturbation practice created pleasure for your entire body, including your mind. That is what mindful masturbation is. It is a conscious connection to each sensation, thought and moment in order to cultivate an intense experience from start to finish. 

In order to begin we must first look at what is our relationship to masturbation and what it means. Why do you masturbate? Is it out of horniness or boredom? How do you masturbate? Is it quick and efficient, or do you take your time and try out new angles? 

Understanding what drives us and what our relationship to masturbation is is a great starting point for creating a mindful masturbation practice. If there are blocks when it comes to touching yourself, working with someone like a sex coach can help you overcome areas of discomfort. 

Now that we're ready, lets begin. 

  1. Set the mood. In order to engage in mindful masturbation we need to help our minds stay free of distraction. This means that we are masturbating during a period of time when we know we will not get interrupted. Your space is your sanctuary and will facilitate what kind of masturbation practice you want to achieve. So, if you’re going for a sensual session maybe try lighting some candles and putting on some music. 

  2. Connect with your breath. This is the first step in tuning into our bodies. Whether you want to practice a breathing technique or just listen to the inhales and exhales, spend a few minutes here. Let the rest of the world melt away, close your eyes and just be aware and present with your body. Emptying your mind may not be possible, so instead just aim for being relaxed. 

  3. Explore your body. Use your hands or toys to gently start touching your body. Try touching, massaging, rubbing parts of your body you don’t normally touch when you masturbate. Start at your head and work your way down to your toes. Experiment with different strokes, pressure, and speeds to discover what feels pleasurable for you. If you want to learn how to touch the vulva, check out this guide!

  4. Stay present. This may be the hardest part of all. In this crazy busy world staying present can sometimes feel impossible. If you catch your mind wandering all over the place do not worry. Just try to focus back into the moment. Notice how a sensation feels, breath to a count of 5 on an inhale and 6 on an exhale. 

  5. Offer yourself love and acceptance. Mindful masturbation is more than just pleasuring the senses, it is also about offering yourself love. Since you are enjoying all parts of yourself, take time to internally (or out loud) thank your body for all that it is able to feel and do. The goal is to enjoy your body while also practicing non-judgement. It doesn't matter what happens or how, all that matters is the connection between you and yourself. 

  6. Savor each moment. Whether you come to a ‘completion’ or not, just enjoy this time you have gifted yourself. Remember that there is never any shame in self love or spending time for yourself. Reflect on what you enjoyed and what you might do differently next time. 

To sum things up, masturbation can be more than just physical pleasure. It can be a powerful tool for promoting self love and positivity. By embracing mindful masturbation techniques, we can tap into a deeper sense of self-awareness and acceptance. Prioritizing greater emotional satisfaction in our lives. Masturbation is a natural and health aspect of human sexuality and deserves to be celebrated this May and every month to come.


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