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Sex Ed by Em is a safe space for adults to finally get the sexuality education they have always desired! Through sessions, guide books and more, Sex Ed By Em has everything you need to become sexually educated. Work with Em 1-on-1 or in a group to explore your sexuality, discover pleasures, nurture profound relationships, and embrace the beauty of your body. With a wealth of knowledge and guidance, Em provides support that is informed, inclusive, professional, heart-centered, and backed by extensive knowledge. 

Supportive. Educational. FUN.

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Topics of education

  • Performance anxiety/challenges

  • Healing sexual shame

  • Autism and sex 

  • Reconnecting with your body

  • Embracing self love 

  • Sex toys, kinks and fetishes

  • Differing sexual desires

  • Building intimate connections 

  • Creating a partnered pleasure practice

  • Making the most of your sexual function

  • Pornography: the good and the bad

  • Reproductive choices


"I worked with Em for 3 months and I now have a new found love of my body and all the wonderful things it can do. And for the first time in years, I orgasmed!"
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