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What is Orgasm Equality?

(also known as the Orgasm Gap)

Did you know that 39 percent of women compared with 91 percent of men report usually or always experiencing an orgasm during partnered sex? It's what we call the Orgasm Gap.

The orgasm gap is a social phenomenon referring to the general disparity between heterosexual men and women in terms of sexual satisfaction.

What contributes to the gender-based orgasm gap?

Relationship Context: Research highlights that in committed relationships, both men and women report higher sexual satisfaction and more frequent orgasms. Healthy relationships foster a mutual desire to please each other, leading to open conversations and exploration, both vital for understanding pleasure.

Research consistently shows that engaging in a variety of sexual practices that stimulate the clitoris significantly increases women’s likelihood of having an orgasm

Sexual Practices

The clitoris, often referred to as the powerhouse of the vulva concerning female orgasms, requires our attention. Comprehensive education on clitoral anatomy is a must. Regrettably, many people have never received adequate instruction on the art of pleasure.

This knowledge gap often leaves them unaware of the thousands of nerve endings in the clitoris crucial for achieving an explosive orgasm. Guidebooks like this guide offer not only education about vulvar anatomy but also insights into the art of pleasuring it correctly.

Gender Norms

While some traditional gender scripts are diminishing, gender inequality still lingers, particularly in the context of heteronormative ideals. "Heterosexuality as a patriarchal institution promotes commonsense understandings of what constitutes sexual pleasure for cisgender women and men, prioritizing men’s sexual pleasure and orgasms over women's." Society's role in perpetuating these gender norms often contributes to men feeling more entitled to orgasms, perpetuating the belief that it's just "much harder for women."

Closing the Gap

Men can play a pivotal role by prioritizing their partner's pleasure alongside their own. It's vital to recognize that most women do not orgasm through penetration alone. Getting educated about your partner's unique anatomy and needs is a crucial step. Guides like "How To Please Your GF" provide insights into your partner's specific requirements, fostering a more equitable sexual experience and dismantling gender-related issues one orgasm at a time.

Women need to remember to embrace their right to pleasure and take an active role in their sexual satisfaction. Low expectations around sex have led many to endure painful experiences. It detracts from the pleasure of the act and hinders the full experience. Empower yourself with knowledge about your body. Use mirrors to understand your anatomy, and consider introducing toys into your self-exploration routine. It's normal, and the rewards will be more than worth it.


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