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The Positive Impacts of Sexuality Education

There is an ongoing debate surrounding sexual education, with differing perspectives clashing over what is deemed "appropriate" or "effective". This article, as made clear by it's title, will dive into the positive impacts of sex ed, but it is worth acknowledging this contrast in narratives that exist. Because the opposing side, who actively demonizes this work deserves empathy. As they are doing what they think is best, given the misinformation and confusion they have been taught. I feel for them, for their fear and uncertainty. Which is why it is crucial to speak about this topic with empathy and look to evidence-based studies rather than emotions. 

Together, let's explore the tangible proof that comprehensive sexual education when delivered in an age-appropriate way by knowledgeable and inclusive teachers enhances sexual well-being. 

In the Journal of Adolescent Health, two doctors wanted to make a case for comprehensive sexual education. They knew that school-based sex education plays a vital role in sexual well-being, but there was not much research on the effectiveness beyond pregnancy and sexually transmitting disease prevention. So, they conducted a literature review of three decades of research on school-based programs to find evidence for the effectiveness of comprehensive sex education. 

Here’s what they found: 

  1. Sexuality education provides individuals with accurate, age-appropriate information about sexual health, reproductive anatomy, contraception and sexually transmitted infections. By understanding these topics, individuals can make informed decisions about their sexual health, reducing the risk of unintended pregnancies and STIs. 

  2. Learning about consent, communication and boundaries is crucial for cultivating healthy relationships. Sexuality education teaches individuals how to navigate intimate relationships respectfully and responsibly, promoting mutual respect and understanding. 

  3. Comprehensive sexuality education empowers individuals to take ownership of their bodies, desires and relationships. Which is essential for preventing sexual violence and promoting a culture of consent. By equipping people with knowledge and skills, sexuality education helps them make choices that align with their values, preferences, and goals.

  4. Sexuality education plays a crucial role in challenging stigmas, discriminations, shame and harmful stereotypes relating to gender, sexuality and sexual orientation. 

I strongly believe that education is the root of all progress and in order to become a sexually healthy society we need comprehensive sexual education programs. Not led by volunteers or pushed off on gym teachers, but by educators who can help guide people through the knowledge and emotions of sexual well-being. 


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