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The Pleasure Hunt

Hosted by Sex Ed by Em and Featuring Personal Fav Co, Emojibator, and Feast

May 20th, 2023 11am PST The Pleasure Hunt hosted by Sex Ed by Em

Featuring Personal Fav Co/making sure all the pieces fit smoothly

Emojibator/filling the voids that call for vibration

Feast/nourishing your head game

The Pleasure Hunt is a scavenger hunt for a group of local sex-positive brands to get some loot into your hands (and wherever else) this May.

Hosted by Emily Gay, this sex-positive crowd is bringing you good talk, good times, and good vibes. With a basket of goodies from their respective shops for you to win, there is literally no downside to this thing.

Creating an interactive experience for your Pleasure

It Starts Like This

Emily, the founder of Sex Ed by Em, goes live on TikTok to engage with her followers during the hunt. She shares hints about her location every 15 minutes to guide participants.

  • Location and Treasure: Emily selects a specific location to hide herself along with a box of treasures, which includes body-safe sex toys and accessories. The location can be indoors or outdoors, depending on the circumstances and permissions.

  • Clues and Collaboration: As Emily provides hints about her whereabouts, participants collaborate with each other in the TikTok Live chat, deciphering the clues and brainstorming possible locations.

  • In-Person Retrieval: The objective of Pleasure Hunt is for a participant to physically reach Emily's location. The first person to find her and the hidden Pleasure Chest wins the prize.

  • Rules: 1. Register Here 2. Join Sex Ed by Em's Lives Every Week for clues 3. Follow all brands in the scavenger hunt on TikTok.

A little about everyone, to whet your appetite

Modern approaches to taboo topics.”

Emily Gay, the founder of Sex Ed by Em, believes that education, self-love, and confidence are the keys to achieving fulfillment in relationships and intimacy. She is dedicated to helping individuals and couples learn and explore their sexuality in a modern and accessible way. Focusing on the individual, Emily connects with her clients, her followers, and her friends by taking a genuine interest and providing her steady blend of wisdom and insight.


“A new place to talk about sex where nothing’s off the table.”

Growing up today can be difficult and full of the unknown, but Feast is here to make it just a bit easier. Feast is a company that uses education, empowerment, and inclusion to support and uplift their members throughout their journeys. Their pillars are designed to understand members wherever they are in their journey, providing a safe and inclusive environment for individuals to learn and explore their sexuality.


“Your pleasure comes first.”

Emojibator is a company that promotes self-pleasure and body-safe sexual wellness products in playful and conversation-starting designs. Believing that masturbation should be approachable (and affordable) for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, or lifestyle is a key aspect of their approach. They offer inclusive and humorous designs that make it easy and fun for anyone to talk about sex and masturbation. Emojibator's products help people live healthier lives with less shame and more pleasurable experiences, whether they are just beginning their journey or overcoming sexual trauma, anxiety, and pain.


“We keep it clean so you can get dirty.”

Personal Fav Co is more than a brand of lube: it’s a philosophy. Their mission is to empower people to prioritize their pleasure as a pillar of their health, while diffusing shame and stigma around sex. Personal Fav Co uses the cleanest and safest ingredients in their products to enhance people's pleasure journeys. They want people to feel empowered and confident in their sexuality while promoting sexual health and education while providing the best products possible for their customers.


Disclosure Statement:

The Pleasure Hunt, hosted by Sex Ed by Em on May 20th, 2023, featuring Personal Fav Co, Emojibator, and Feast, is a scavenger hunt for a group of local sex-positive brands to get some loot into your hands. LA-based companies SexEdbyEM, Feast, Emojibator, and Personal Fav have collaborated to bring you this interactive experience to win a basket of goodies from their respective shops.

Please note that this event includes the giveaway of body-safe sex toys and accessories. By participating in this event, you acknowledge that you are of legal age to possess and use these products. Please use these products responsibly and in accordance with the instructions provided.

To receive pleasure chest, proof of following of all brands participating in the event will be requested.

Additionally, please be aware that this event is being hosted by Sex Ed by Em, a sex-positive brand founded by Emily Gay. The participating brands, including Personal Fav Co, Emojibator, and Feast, are also associated with Emily Gay and her brand.

The objective of this event is to physically reach Emily's location and retrieve the hidden Pleasure Chest. By participating in this event, you acknowledge that you understand the rules and agree to comply with them.

Please register to participate in this event and join the corresponding Lives to take part. Thank you for your participation, and we hope you enjoy the Pleasure Hunt!


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