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Pleasure Mapping

A Journey to Deeply Satisfying Sex

Pleasure. Pleasure. Pleasure. 

It is the cornerstone of every conversation about sex - a goal that we all strive to feel. Yet, many of us find ourselves feeling drained of it, unsure how to fill it back up. Sexual pleasure may seem elusive, but it is anything but and pleasure mapping will teach you how to access it. 

What is pleasure mapping?

Also known as erotic or sexual mapping, pleasure mapping is a process of intimately exploring your own body to identify and understand what brings you pleasure. It involves deliberate and mindful exploration of your body, desires, and responses to different types of stimuli. Through this process, you can become better acquainted with your pleasures, allowing you to play more confidently and communicate your needs more efficiently.

How to Being

In order to understand what your body enjoys you need to lead with openness, curiosity and self-love. Start out by creating a safe space where you can freely explore free from any judgments or distractions. I personally like to put on soothing music, light some candles and get comfortable. 

How to Map

With exercises like this one by a sex therapist, an erotic meditation by Dipsea or self lead exploration, you will use your fingers or toys to explore your body. Through mental and physical stimulation you will experiment with different types of touch, sensation and activity. Notice how it feels as you brush your fingers over your chest or inner thigh. Once you reach any areas that feel exciting, stay there and experiment with the sensations. You can continue to do this to your entire body or different areas for as long as you want. 

Pleasure mapping does not need to be sexually focused. It is more about exploration of your body and tuning into the sensations with your mind. You are here to learn, although there is no harm in loving on your body during the process. 

Listen to Your Body

Tune into the signals your body is sending you and respect areas of sensitivity. There is no need to push yourself (unless you want to) during a pleasure mapping session. If you feel overwhelmed or triggered, feel free to take a break, catch a breath or stop all together. Pleasure mapping should be an enjoyable experience that leaves you feeling fulfilled. The journey is just as important as the destination, so move slowly, be patient and trust in your body’s wisdom to guide you to experience pleasure. 


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