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Exploring the Adult Industry

My week at XBiz

In between the usual whirlwind of my travels and clients, an intriguing invitation was offered to me: an opportunity to attend the XBiz Conference in Hollywood.

A weeklong conference dedicated to the adult industry, yes, I do mean porn

To make it even more alluring, the entire thing started on my 30th birthday. What a way to spend my first week as a 30 year old I told myself. But just as my excitement grew, so did the confusion as to what this week might be like. While I have been able to grow past my once ignorant biases towards this industry, built by a society that demonizes anything that has to do with sex, I still did have my hesitations. 

What is XBiz?

XBIZ is an American publisher championing business news and information for the sex industry. They publish a magazine and orchestrate exhibitions, conferences, and award shows. I got lucky enough to attend their conference, followed by X3 Expo and the award show in Hollywood. 

The week would go as followed:

  • Monday marked the check-in at the conference venue, followed by a meet and greet mixer.

  • Tuesday was packed with engaging panel discussions, and an outing at Ballet, a club with a strict dress code of lingerie and pjs. I broke the rules and wore a dress. 

  • Wednesday we woke early to make sure we didn’t miss the speed networking, followed by panels like; Motivated: Stories of Resilience and A Woman’s Touch: Insights from Female Doctors 

  • Thursday emerged as a highlight for me, with panels featuring incredible scholars in this industry like Constance Penley where the topic was sex work in the broader social and political context. I also dropped in on a breathwork class offered by Pineapple Support.

  • Friday and Saturday centered on the expo, held at the Hollywood Palladium. The expo was focused on creators, brands and fan.

  • Sadly, food poisoning ruined my plans to attend Sunday's awards ceremony, a regrettable twist to an otherwise transformative week. 

What I discovered

As I sat through panels on topics ranging from how to maintain the cleanliness of a porn set to impassioned activism helping to foster empowerment in the industry, I realized that this industry is one of unwavering professionalism, acceptance and consent. Contrary to prevailing stereotypes.

With each mixer, nuanced discussion and outing, I discovered a tapestry of narratives, challenges, and triumphs, that paint a story of breaking free of the mold of what society deems acceptable with the most professionalism possible. 

I could not but help but marvel at the resilience and innovation that seeped into every panel discussion. Far from the realm of exploitation or degradation, it is clear that the adult industry is a space of empowerment for many. Where individuals are willing to challenge the status quo. 

While many challenges still persist, like decriminalizing, age verification, and ethics as far as financial improprieties, there was an intense feeling of being able to overcome these hurdles. The entire week was inspiring to say the least, and I have emerged with a newfound respect for the adult industry.


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